With wintry weather still plaguing northern states and temperatures becoming comfortably warm here, more visitors are considering a coastal getaway in Florida. If that’s you, you’re in luck! This is a great time to visit the panhandle and get away from it all. Of course, you want to ensure that you get the most from your trip, and when it comes to coastal getaways, that means a home designed to perform well in a coastal environment and invoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

And, of course, it all starts with the floors. They set the foundation for your style and endure the most abuse after a long day at the beach. They are arguably the most important consideration when considering the purchase or renovation of a new coastal getaway.

Whether you’re buying a vacation home or planning to renovate a room to rent on AirBNB, here are a few of our top flooring options for coastal getaways in Panama City.

Amazon river

Hardwood floors look great, but Panama City’s climate has always proved challenging for traditional solid wood planks. Fortunately, Amazon River offers the rich visuals of wood with the exceptional waterproof performance of laminate.

The result? A style that’s perfect for any room in your coastal getaway and a build that’s here to last. Amazon River comes in several style options, each of which fit perfectly with the coastal vibe of Panama City.


Coastal getaways are meant to help us relax and enjoy a little time away from it all. The right home design and color combinations are important. Soft, inviting colors are a natural choice. Capri captures this look beautifully with sandstone designs and a variety of bright color combinations.

Capri is also composed of porcelain tile. These tiles are engineered to resist moisture absorption and offer exceptional durability. It’s even suitable for outdoor use, making it the perfect base for your backyard getaway.


If you still prefer an authentic hardwood floor, it’s hard to beat the performance of Eminence. Its engineered (multilayered) build offers more resilience to sudden changes in temperatures and humidity levels. It also makes planks more resistant to scratches and dents. Even better, it’s available in the blond wood style that’s currently taking interior design by storm.


Imagine the benefits we’ve listed here – durability, style, and waterproof – packaged in one floor that’s affordable on nearly any budget. That’s where Sidewinder comes in. It sets a new standard for luxury vinyl flooring in terms of durability, scratch resistance, and ease of installation. It’s also completely waterproof and comes in a variety of calming designs. Even better, an attached pad offers noise resistance – making it the perfect choice for apartments and condos.

Charming Margret

Carpet may not be your first choice for a coastal getaway, but hear us out. Many new carpets are easier to clean, exceptionally durable, and completely waterproof. Charming Margret is a great example. It features the LifeGuard waterproof backing designed to ensure that spills and moisture never soak into the subfloor. It also features R2X, a special treatment that prevents moisture and stains from soaking into the fibers.

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As you can see here, there are more options than ever when it comes to flooring. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit Panama City Beach’s leading flooring experts at Classic Carpets today!