Do you have a concern of which tile to use?

Many people often mix up CERAMIC and PORCELAIN tiles, yet they have notable distinctions. Both materials are crafted by baking clay and other earth-derived elements.

Ceramic tiles, characterized by their porous and softer nature, are not as dense as porcelain. The comparative softness of ceramic makes it more manageable to cut into tiles.

On the other hand, porcelain tiles are fashioned from a more refined clay compared to ceramic. Apart from their water and humidity resistance, porcelain exhibits lower porosity than ceramic and is less prone to scratching and chipping.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are designed to offer a wide array of aesthetic options, including, creative shapes, sizes and numerous color choices.

Now that you know the difference. Which tile would you choose?

Overall, the enhanced durability, water resistance, stain resistance, versatility, and longevity of PORCELAIN TILES make them a preferred choice for many applications, particularly in areas where durability and performance are key considerations.