Carpet care


Carpet care

With temperatures dropping in much of the rest of the nation – and the holiday season underway – we’re seeing more visitors in our city and more foot traffic in our homes. So whether you’ve got more relatives visiting for the holidays or AirBNB travelers escaping the cold, here are a few ways that rugs and carpet flooring can prove valuable in high-traffic areas.

Crush-resistant carpet

When one area of a room regularly experiences more traffic than the rest, a noticeable impression is often left. We call this carpet crushing. It’s similar to the imprints left after moving furniture, though a bit more permanent. Over time, the movement can damage the carpet’s fibers.

Newer carpet selections are designed to prevent this. While there are a variety of options, nylon has always the most durable choice. Although nylon is typically a more expensive option, its versatility often means a better financial investment for the long term. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Anso nylon, a patented enhancement of the traditional fiber, takes durability and crush resistance even further.
On the more affordable end, polyester carpet also offers decent crush resistance. It costs less than nylon yet still offers great stain resistance and style options. It doesn’t hold up as well against heavy soiling, but a placing a mat at each entrance can help prevent this.

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Vacuuming: It’s about more than cleaning

After the festivities have finally ended, cleaning is typically the last thing we want to do. However, vacuuming your carpet (especially in high traffic areas) does more than just keep it clean: it can actually help reduce matting. Less matting can mean less crushing over time. Also, more traffic over matted carpet will push dirt, dander and soil even deeper into its fibers, making it more difficult to remove later on.

Carpet padding

A carpet’s fibers can only go so far. To absorb the shock of constant foot traffic, it needs a little help. This is where carpet padding comes in.

Carpet padding provides a little cushion for carpet fibers under the weight of heavy foot traffic. Rather than getting crushed directly against a concrete slab, the padding helps absorb the shock. Though padding comes in a variety of materials, memory foam is often regarded as the most effective. It’s for this reason that, in many cases, a quality padding can help extend your carpet’s warranty.

Another bonus: the right carpet padding will improve both a room’s comfort and R-value (insulation rating).
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Rugs & runners in high traffic areas

To further protect a carpet’s look and texture, rugs and runners can be placed in high-traffic areas. This is one reason for the popularity of runners in hallways. Rugs are much easier and cheaper to replace, though modern selections are designed with longevity in mind.

Like carpet, rugs can also benefit from their own padding. These pads will help protect both carpet and rugs in high traffic areas. They will also help keep your rug in place. As with carpet, rug padding is available in different styles, though memory foam remains a top choice.

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