Here's why porcelain tile is perfect

Here's why porcelain tile is perfect

Sun, humidity and beaches – it really is the climate that defines Panama City. While that may draw vacationers in the coming months, it can also prove challenging to hard surface floors (one of the most common choices in PCB). With temperatures set to remain above the 80s and outdoor humidity maintaining levels above 70%, traditional hardwood flooring can expand if indoor temperatures and humidity levels are not kept low throughout the day. Add the leftovers of a day at the beach (sand, moisture, etc) and you’ve got a potential mess for both hardwood and ceramic stone floors.

Fortunately, porcelain tile flooring is up to the challenge. We’ll briefly discuss the many benefits that make porcelain a great choice for Panama City.


Stone flooring is known for its durability. Even so, ceramic (the traditional stone choice) still has considerable limits. Porcelain, however, is fired at significantly higher temperatures during manufacturing than ceramic. The result: exceptional durability against scratches, dents and buckling.


The higher temperatures and denser body also give porcelain tile a lower absorption rate and more versatility during temperature changes. The result? A flooring option that’s even suitable for outdoor applications. Its exterior is designed to resist excessive rain and even frost (not that we have to worry about the latter).


Florida is known for its unusually varied wildlife. Unfortunately, we have the same variety of germs and bacteria. Our warm, humid climate make it especially easy for them to thrive.

Porcelain tile, however, does not. Its surface provides a naturally hostile environment for bacteria. Granted, this doesn’t mean that the floors shouldn’t be cleaned regularly. But it does mean that germs can’t thrive or spread as easily.


Let’s face it: ocean-side resort towns have a style of their own – and porcelain tile matches that style perfectly. Porcelain tile is available in more colors than natural stone tile.

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