How to select the right hard surface option for your home

How to select the right hard surface option for your home

Choosing the right selection of hard surface flooring for your home couldn’t be easier than with our professional assistance. Our dedicated team of experts simplify the nuances of flooring, allowing you to make an informed decision about the floor that’s just right for you. This post illustrates what’s available in hard surface flooring. Be sure to drop by if you’re in the area and talk with us about your next project.

Vinyl flooring
is more beautiful and stronger than ever before with a variety of new patterns to choose from. It imitates the aesthetics of both stone and ceramic flooring but without the hardness, coldness and is the least expensive option.

has always been a favorite “natural” selection for homes throughout the years. It also increases the value of any home. There are thousands of styles and stains of wood floors, with options of width ranging from 21/2 inch to 7 inch wide planks. Styling includes traditional oaks to the new Hand-Scraped and Restoration looks. There is definitely a look for every taste. Cork and Bamboo are the “Green” products available that can make any room look modern and fresh.

is still a strong option for hard surface in the home. The new styles look even more like wood—it is truly difficult to tell. The beauty of laminate is its easy maintenance. It is more scratch resistant than wood, as well as being more inexpensive. If there are large dogs and small children in the household, laminate tends to be a friendlier option.

Luxury vinyl tile & plank
is the new kid on the block. It is probably a great compromise between ceramic/stone, hardwood and sheet vinyl. It comes with or without grout lines, and really mimics the look of more expensive stone/ceramic and real hardwood. It is very good for any household with animals and children, and is softer and warmer on the feet than some other options. Even though it is a little more expensive than sheet vinyl, it is less than stone/ceramic when you include installation.

Ceramic and stone
add a natural elegance to any room. Because of their scratch resistance and durability, they can retain their beauty for many years. There is some periodic maintenance for grout lines, but the treatments have drastically improved. Ceramic and stone also increase the value of the home, while being an excellent flooring for homeowners with pets.